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Towards universal access to high-quality, safe, timely, and affordable care for those with conditions​ of the head and neck

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We are delighted to announce several key positions now open within the Global OHNS Initiative! These roles offer an opportunity to contribute to our shared vision of universal access to high-quality, safe, timely, and affordable care for individuals with OHNS conditions, while actively shaping the future of our nonprofit organization.

We are seeking to fill the following volunteer positions:

  1. Regional Representative Team Lead

  2. Education Team Lead

  3. Research Team Lead

  4. Research Associate

  5. Advocacy Team Lead

  6. Chief Operating Officer (COO) - New Position

ENT/OHNS Workforce Map!

The Global OHNS Initiative is now hosting an interactive map showing the ENT/OHNS workforce across the world. Click below please to learn more about the ENT/OHNS workforce in your country and region!

The Global OHNS Initiative is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation! We are now accepting donations which will support our mission to ensure everyone has access to top-notch care for head and neck cancer, hearing loss, facial trauma, and other health conditions. Your contribution is invaluable in fueling our work in research and advocacy.

If you are interested in joining the Global OHNS Initiative, please send us a message on the "Contact Us" page.

Read about the stark disparities in global OHNS clinician density, ranging from 0.18 clinicians per 100,000 population in Africa to 5.70 in Europe, in a recent publication by Global OHNS Initiative members. These findings underscore the urgent need for targeted workforce interventions to address inequity in access to OHNS care.

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Check out our new membership dashboard showing the international representation of Global OHNS Initiative members!

We have adapted PIH Rwanda's research guidelines to ensure equitable representation in our projects. The Global OHNS Initiative's Research Equity Guidelines were published by the open-access journal Oto Open and are available on our research page.




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