Global OHNS Initiative
Research Equity Guidelines

1. Global research projects will aim to include a diverse team of students, trainees, and researchers of various languages, countries, experience, and expertise. Region-specific research will include regional representation from the initiation of the project and will prioritize having local representatives as first or co-first authors to highlight and develop local expertise. Global projects will include diverse, global representation. 

2. All authors will meet early in the project to draft role descriptions (including provisional first and senior authors), ensuring that each role is defined and agreed upon. These roles will guide the order of authorship. Authorship discussions will occur early in the research process and be reviewed periodically throughout the research.

3. Authors should be involved early in project development and have meaningful roles in subsequent academic outputs such as manuscripts, abstracts, and articles.

4. All authors listed will satisfy the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) authorship criteria


5. The first, corresponding, and/or senior authors of a publication have primary responsibility for all aspects of the work including project development, circulation for review, and submission. They will oversee all other authors' standards for authorship and will present concise, written descriptions of contributions to the work, which must be approved by all authors. This record must be submitted to the Global OHNS Initiative project manager to be shared with the initiative both at the initiation of the project and again prior to publication. . 


6. Each research project must be overseen by a senior researcher who can attest to the veracity of the work.


7. Manuscripts should be submitted for review by Global OHNS Initiative members to provide input before final approval. 


8. First authors should have priority to present the research e.g. at conferences.