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Research Mentorship Program


The program has a main objective to serve minority, under resourced, and/or historically discriminated against participants to contribute to the global Otolaryngology Head-Neck surgery body of literature with the goal of improving health equity through access and availability to trusted OHNS evidence for all.


Program information:

  • The mentoring program is a 12-month commitment and will include mentoring group, networking events, training, and the opportunity to work or complete a project in collaboration with global OHNS mission.

  • Monthly organization meeting and involvement within global OHNS members.

  • The program will be 100% virtual.

  • Program Length: 12 month, 4-6 hours per month mentees, and 3-4 hours per month mentors.



  1. Availability/flexibility during the mentors working hours. 

  2. Mandatory attendance at monthly meetings with your mentor, and coordinator (virtual).

  3. Sufficient english language skills to attend and participate in meeting and trainings (spanish and other languages might be offered depending on mentors availability).

  4. Access to computer and high-speed internet (program is virtual).

  5. Able to commit to 12 months and time commitments.

  6. Flexibility, professionalism, and enthusiasm. 

  7. Fill out trimestral questionnaires.



An experience trusted adviser in the Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery or related global health fields. 

If you are interested to be a mentor, please complete this survey.


A person who is advised or trained by a mentor.

If you are interested to be a mentee, please complete this survey.


A person who is going to monitor the outcomes of the one-one relationship between mentors and mentee.

Coordinators will be recruited from the global OHNS members.

Current Mentees (2023-2024):

Annica Stull-Lane

Banturaki Davis

Bonheur Dushimimana

Chelsia Melendez

Eladio Marcello

Kyembe Ignitius Salachi

Law Shen Hong

Mariana Gomes Martins

Melissa Ghulam-Smith

Muhammad Ahmed Bajwa

Nader Zalaquett

Nathalie Freites

Olivier Sibomana

Oxiris Yexalén García González

Rahim Abo Kasem

Saba Habtu Hagos
Saba Hanif
Samuel Oreoluwa David

Shellisa Galloway
Unkwiye Hertier
Ukuyisabye Olivier

Yun-hsuan (Stellina) Lee

Countries Represented:

Rwanda (4)

United States of America (3)
Pakistan (2)



Dominican Republic








Syrian Arab Republic


For further information or queries, contact: 

Estephania Candelo Gomez MD (Research team co-lead for The Global OHNS Initiative) or

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