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The Global ENT Guidelines have been prepared as a joint project between ENT UK (Global Health Committee) and Global OHNS. 


The aim of these guidelines is to provide a free resource, readily accessible, for anyone providing ENT care in resource-limited settings. Acknowledging that those delivering this service have a range of experience and training, each topic has been prepared with this in mind. Different levels of advice are provided for village health workers or similar who have no formal ENT training and very limited resources, to those working in formal medical centres yet who are not formally ENT trained, to those who have had formal ENT training and may have access to more specialist equipment. 


The guidelines are intended to be succinct and practical, rather than a textbook. The list of topics has been chosen to be appropriate to the needs of those they serve. They are based upon best evidence and sensitive to different levels of human and physical resource availability. With four categories of Otology, Rhinology, Head & Neck, and Paediatrics, each has a series of topics. Each chapter has authors from both high and low resource settings, and our authors come from all over the world to help make the guidelines applicable to as many settings as possible. 


This is a work in progress. We now have several chapters for each category, but more will be added. We hope that they will become a go-to, reliable resource to help provide safe ENT care around the world. 


Matthew Clark 

Joint Lead Editor 

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