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To advance the availability, accessibility, and quality of global OHNS subspecialty care through research, advocacy, and co-development.


Universal access to high-quality, safe, timely, and affordable care for those with OHNS conditions


1. Social Justice & Equity:

Driven by the principles of social justice and equity, our organization is committed to reducing disparities and fostering inclusivity within OHNS care. We firmly believe in equitable access to OHNS care irrespective of background and working actively to remove systemic barriers that hinder this access. Our focus on equity respects the varying levels of resource and time constraints of our collaborators.

2. Co-Development & Accompaniment:

Our approach draws inspiration from the concept of co-development, which highlights the power of innovation emerging from both well-resourced and resource-constrained environments. This approach emphasizes creative problem-solving and finding solutions using available resources to co-create effective, sustainable, and locally relevant research. Within this framework, accompaniment becomes a guiding principle. It's not just about starting a journey together but rather a sustained partnership. Accompaniment means continuing alongside one another until, together, we determine that the goal has been achieved.

3. Innovation & Data-Driven:

Innovation and data-driven decision-making are fundamental to our mission. We continually seek novel approaches to advance OHNS subspecialty care, leveraging cutting-edge research methodologies and technologies. By harnessing the power of data, we ensure that our strategies are effective and efficient, leading to tangible improvements in the availability, accessibility, and quality of care. Our commitment to innovation allows us to respond dynamically to the evolving healthcare landscape and deliver impactful outcomes.

Strategic Plan


  • Ensure high-quality research output through an established standardized research process.

  • Facilitate research involving prospective data collection.

  • Actively apply for external funding to support research.

Advocacy & Policy

  • Perform research that informs policy development.

  • Implement a framework to translate research findings into strategic advocacy initiatives. 

Capacity Building

  • Promote LMIC-driven research and equitable research partnerships.

  • Extends the initiative's reach by forming a worldwide network of OHNS researchers. 

  • Provide research education.

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