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The Global OHNS Initiative undertakes research in both needs assessment and capacity building. The following is an inexhaustive list of current research projects. The Global OHNS Initiative is open to ideas for research projects or partnerships that could advance high-quality, accessible OHNS care.

Research Guidelines
Ongoing Projects

Delphi Survey to Determine Priority Conditions and Procedures

The Delphi project aims to generate a list of priority otolaryngology head and neck conditions and essential procedures that will be used to direct major research initiatives in the future, including a global survey which could further detail the landscape of the global burden of otolaryngology disease, workforce estimates, and the scope of training programs. 


The Delphi method is an iterative survey-based methodology that seeks to achieve consensus through a series of structured questionnaires that are completed by experts in the field. After each round of the questionnaire, results are summarized, used to formulate the subsequent questionnaire, and communicated back to the participants while maintaining participant anonymity. It is based on the idea that anonymity of participants, structured flow of information, and regular feedback can better facilitate consensus decisions. 

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